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Multi Omics

Accelerate the interpretation of your experimental results. Analyse gene, protein or metabolite lists to determine biological significance.



Unravel the Bio-molecular Mechanism

Leverage our millions of biological annotations and combine these with your personal data. Overlay these Multi Omics sets to pinpoint likely causative candidates. Understand their involvement in the underlying biomolecular mechanism by discovering novel aspects such as associated pathways, cellular functions and omics interactions.

Multi Omics Analysis, Accelerated.


Summary of Multi Omics Capabilities

Create and upload omics lists - Leverage the millions of biological annotations in the Euretos Knowledge Platform to find genetic, metabolic or proteomic candidates that meet very specific criteria. Upload your own multi omics data, such as gene expression data or metabolomics lists to include in the analysis.

Overlay multi omics lists to find key causative candidates - Overlay multiple omics lists, each associated with specific biological characteristics, to find those candidates that meet most or all requirements.

Discover associated biomolecular mechanisms - Embedded analytics helps you discover associated biological multi omics phenomena such as pathways, gene regulation, protein complexes or cellular processes, ranked on p-value. Many of these associations will be novel and not yet mentioned in literature.

Rank results on related keywords in literature - Multi omics results can be ranked on the number of literature co-occurrences they have with one or more user defined keywords. All articles containing the result and the required keyword(s) can be accessed instantly for further analysis.

Rank genes on level of healthy and differential expression - If the multi omics results are genes, they can be ranked on healthy relative expression in a user defined tissue or on differential expression for a user defined disease

Read supporting evidence at every step - At each stage of the analysis, supporting evidence for your multi omics research is directly available.