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Euretos expands its knowledge base to include 85 data sources

Monday 04 April 2016

Euretos has expanded the coverage of the Euretos Knowledge Platform to include 85 public life sciences data and publication sources. This further confirms the Euretos Knowledge platform as the broadest and fastest-growing knowledge base in the life sciences.

“We provide life scientists in clinical diagnostics and therapy development with better answers to research questions. Faster.” says Aram Krol, Head of Product Management at Euretos. “Providing access to all the major data and publication sources in the life sciences is essential to achieving this. We have now perfected the technology to add sources without requiring any coding, interlink these within the knowledge base and make them instantly available throughout the platform. This is truly a step change in the field of applied bioinformatics and computational biology.”

The Euretos Knowledge Platform is an innovative computational biology platform used by some of the world’s largest pharma & biotech companies, academic hospitals and research institutes. The platform integrates public and, in private cloud installations, private/proprietary data into a consolidated data source. This effectively solves the data integration challenge all data intensive research organisations struggle with. On top of its unique knowledge base, the Euretos Knowledge platform supports powerful embedded (predictive) analytics that are too resource intensive to run in traditional environments. All knowledge is available through a highly performant API (to be integrated into existing customer workflows) and comprehensive end-user applications and workflows.

“It is the combination of the scope of our knowledge base, together with the on board analytics and the ability to easily verify each underlying statement, that provide unique capabilities to life scientists” says Krol. “This enables very powerful capabilities in multi-omics analysis, target identification, biomarker discovery and drug repositioning. Bioinformaticians have an API to their disposal that allows for flexible and easy integration of our knowledge in existing workflows".

The ability to guide researchers to discover novel therapeutic targets or biomarkers is regularly confirmed through recent scientific discoveries in various disease areas, such as: breast cancer, pancreatic cancer , chronic kidney disease and traumatic brain injury.