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Euretos co-author on prestigious Nature Scientific Data article on FAIR data

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Friday 04 March 2016

Euretos is one of the co-authors on a recent article published in Nature Scientific Data. The article outlines essential principles for scientific data management and stewardship. One of the key conclusions of the article is that scientific data needs to be FAIR: Findable, Accesscible, Interoperable and Reusable. Some of the main requirements for FAIR data are detailed in the article.The authors represent a wide community of stakeholders involved in this important topic including: 

The universities of Madrid, Oxford, Stanford, Harvard, Harvard Medical School, Amsterdam, Leicester, Maastricht, Wageningen, Edinburgh, Manchester, Leiden, Rotterdam, São Paulo, Uppsala and Groningen;

The publishers Elsevier, Nature and GigaScience;

The science funders NIH, Elixir and the Netherlands eScience Center;

The research institutes Swiss Institute for Bioinformatics, DANS and Max Planck Institute;

The private companies: TNO, Bayer, Euretos, Cray. 

“With our focus on data integration and analytics the area of data management and in particular the topic of FAIR data is a key topic for Euretos.” says Arie Baak, Head of Marketing and Sales at Euretos and one of the co-authors. We are very happy we were able to contribute to the development of these principles. As part of our data integration efforts we now offer our customers the ability to create a FAIR output of the data that is loaded in the Euretos Knowledge Platform. With our partner DTL we are also collaborating to further develop publically available FAIR data services. The proliferation of FAIR data will benefits us all and we hope that everyone involved in scientific data embraces the principles and puts them into practice.