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Euretos drug target prediction confirmed by recent breast cancer discovery

Tuesday 23 February 2016

recent article published in Nature Communications has shown that the AURKA gene (also known as Aurora Kinase 1) plays a role in the development of breast cancer. Especially interesting is that this proces is via a transcription interaction in the nucleus and not via kinase protein interactions. As most cancer drugs are based on kinase inhibition, targeting AURKA opens up an alternative way to develop a drug therapy that is not kinase dependent.

Using the Euretos Knowledge Platform for Target Identification, AURKA is suggested as a top 3% ranked predicted therapeutic target for breast cancer, based on an analysis of over 15 safety, druggability and efficacy measures. In the area of biomarkers, only recently, Euretos published similar predictions for Traumatic Brain Injury and Chronic Kidney Disease. This groundbreaking predictive capability is unique to Euretos and this latest example is further proof of its value to researchers.

In order to assess the scientific evidence of the target prediction, the researcher is provided with a very detailed overview of relevant aspects of druggability (e.g. all known compounds with relevant mechanism of action and affinity levels), safety (e.g. expression specificity and the number of genetic & disease interactions) and efficacy (e.g. functional associations). Especially for efficacy of novel targets (where no literature exists) a unique feature is the ability to review all known indirect interactions between the target and the disease.

The Euretos Knowledge Platform connects over 9 million known phenotypic, genetic, proteomic, metabolic and chemical concepts in a single ultra-performance environment. All content is directly derived from scientific literature and databases with full references to sources. Apart from scope and performance, the Euretos Knowledge Platform is unique in providing the similarity, specificity and interaction strength of all its connections, even predicting their likelihood if not existing. This truly enables better answers to research questions. Faster.