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Euretos Analytics confirms novel biomarker for chronic kidney disease

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Thursday 10 December 2015

A recent article published in Science Translational Medicine has shown that EGF protein levels in urine is a reliable biomarker for chronic kidney disease (CKD), one of the world's major diseases. The earlier this disease is diagnosed the better as appropriate and early treatment can prevent further deterioration of kidney function.

UUsing the Euretos Analytics application for Biomarker Discovery, EGF is suggested as the 10th highest ranked predicted biomarker for CKD based on a combination of uniqueness of expression and predicted disease association. Only recently, Euretos published a similar biomarker prediction for Traumatic Brain Injury. This groundbreaking ability to combine expression specificity with predictive analytics is unique to Euretos and this latest example is further proof of its value to researchers.

In order to assess the scientific evidence of the prediction, the researcher is provided with a very detailed analysis of the potential disease mechanisms. In this case, over 1500 indirect biological interactions between EGF and CKD were found such as gene-gene, RNA expression, protein-protein, chemical and pathway interactions. These indirect interactions would be very difficult and time consuming to find, one by one, using traditional search approaches and they provide excellent angles for further research into this promising mechanism.

The Euretos Knowledge Platform connects over 7 million known phenotypic, genetic, proteomic, metabolic and chemical concepts in a single ultra-performance environment. All content is directly derived from scientific literature and databases with full references to sources. Apart from scope and performance, the Euretos Knowledge Platform is unique in providing the similarity, specificity and interaction strength of all its connections, even predicting their likelihood if not existing. This truly enables better answers to research questions. Faster.