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We are hiring! - Bioinformatician / Data Engineer

Monday 23 April 2018

Bioinformatician / Data Engineer

Would you like to get involved at the forefront of applying AI & big data technology in life sciences research and work with the leading pharma, biotech and research institutions worldwide? If you are a bioinformatician with a passion for data analysis, please read on!

Due to the fast growth of Euretos, we are looking for a skilled Bioinformatician / Data Engineer to join our platform team. The role is primarily focused at processing and integrating all types of multi-omics data to be used in the Euretos AI platform for biological research projects. The role is mainly internally oriented but the candidate will often contribute as a team member to our contract research activities.


Euretos, (www.euretos.com), provides an AI platform mainly used by pre-clinical researchers for in-silico discovery & validation of targets and biomarkers. World leading pharma, biotech and academic institutions use it to accelerate multi omics research in all major disease areas.

By integrating over 200 different public databases, the platform provides the largest single environment in which the latest multi omics data is interlinked to literature, experimental and clinical evidence.

From the 1st of June 2018 we will be based on the Utrecht Science Park, Yalelaan 1, Utrecht.

Your Responsibilities

- Proactively contribute to the definition and realisation of the Euretos long term data strategy and roadmap

- Manage the timely delivery of the internal ‘data roadmap’ for all new data that needs to be integrated into the Euretos AI Platform

- Provide the required data, from either public or proprietary sources, for customer specific research projects in a timely fashion and of sufficient quality

- Monitor and maintain the accuracy and quality of the existing data integrated in the Euretos AI Platform

- Undertake specific activities such as machine learning and text mining projects

Your background

- Education: University or HBO degree in bioinformatics or medical informatics with a major background in biology or Biology or life sciences University or HBO degree with a major background in data analytics

- Work experience as a bioinformatician in life sciences research, pharmacology or drug development

- Demonstrable experience and understanding of multi omics data such as gene and RNA expression (natural as well as differential, flow cytometric frequency, protein abundance, genome wide SNP frequencies etc.)

- Demonstrated ability to build processes that support data transformation, data structures and metadata generation

- Strong statistical capabilities and proven experience using statistical packages such as R or SPSS.

- Experience working with and extracting value from large datasets

- Strong interpersonal skills and ability to project manage and work with cross-functional teams

- Experience analysing internal and external data and processes to answer specific research questions and identify opportunities for improvement.

Who you are

- Self propelled – take initiative to bring things forward

- Hands-on mentality

- Team player

- Experience with processing and interpretation of biological, biochemical and experimental data

- Affinity with structured analysis, data and workflow modeling

- Attention to detail

- Very strong English language skills

Apply Now!

Do you think you are the right person for the job? Then apply now and:

- Send an email to information@euretos.com or

- Contact Aram Krol on linkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/aramkrol/

- Apply on LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/jobs/cap/view/629607275/?pathWildcard=629607275&trk=mcm