Within two to four weeks we find potential targets/biomarker candidates or do a detailed target/biomarker assessment. This will save you months of painstaking on-line desk research. Enter your contact details and we’ll contact you to discuss next steps.

Use our platform to find novel target/biomarker candidates or do detailed target/biomarker assessment yourselves. This will save you months of painstaking on-line desk research. Enter your contact details and we’ll set up a demo to show you!

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Meet us at BioIT 2018! - Tuesday Morning May 15th at the FAIR Data Hackathon

Monday 14 May 2018

BioIT is starting today with the pre-conference workshops, including the one on FAIR data: http://www.bio-itworldexpo.com/fair-data-hackathon/. Over 200 people with an interest in using multi-omics data for life sciences research have already subscribed to the workshop. People can still join or tag along for the second day.

The workshop has 3 tracks:

(1) A track on FAIR metrics where a portal has been developed to assess the level of FAIRness if data sets

(2) Hackathon Track where data sets will be increased in level of FAIRness. Some of the teams that will be joining include Memorial Sloan Kettering and Dana Farber Cancer Center, the Broad Institute and Collaborative Drug Discovery.

(3) Industry Trends Track (on Tuesday) where providers of FAIRifation Products and Services will present on the types of capabilities that exist in this area.

Arie Baak from Euretos will be presenting on the Tuesday Industry Trends track on the added value of FAIR data. The presentation will outline how FAIR data integration using the Euretos AI Platform enables a systems biology approach to target & biomarker discovery and validation.

After the presentation there will be break-out sessions where Arie Baak and Leland Johnson, the Euretos Business Development Director, East Coast wll be present.

You can contact us at the below  contact details

leland.johnson [at] euretos.com


arie.baak [at] euretos.com

+31 6 50245801