Within two to four weeks we find potential targets/biomarker candidates or do a detailed target/biomarker assessment. This will save you months of painstaking on-line desk research. Enter your contact details and we’ll contact you to discuss next steps.

Use our platform to find novel target/biomarker candidates or do detailed target/biomarker assessment yourselves. This will save you months of painstaking on-line desk research. Enter your contact details and we’ll set up a demo to show you!

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Euretos invited to present on the use of AI in target & biomarker discovery at the annual Dutch Biotech Event

Wednesday 27 June 2018

On friday the 29th of June, Euretos will be speaking at the annual Dutch Biotech Event on the use of the Euretos AI Platform in target & biomarker discovery. In the session Arie Baak will speak on the topic together with Peter de Keizer, one of the leading researchers in cell senescence in the context of ageing.

The event is organised by HollandBIO, the leading privately funded interest group of Dutch biotech companies representing over 170 life sciences companies in the Netherlands ranging from start-ups, small and medium-sized businesses to large companies, active in health, food or bio-based economy.

Other speakers at the event include David Nicholson (EVP and Chief R&D Officer at Allergan), Sebastian Nijman (founder and managing director Scenic Biotech) and Arthur Lahr (CEO at Kiadis Pharma) who will deliver a keynote speech. Workshop speakers include Hans Schikan (multiboard member), Roel Bulthuis (Merck Ventures), Ellen Oerlemans (DSM), Philipp Gallwitz (Admedicum), Maryze Schoneveld van der Linde (Patient Centered Solutions), Arie Baak (Euretos) and Peter de Keizer (UMC Utrecht).

More information on the event and how to join is available here.