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Use our platform to find novel target/biomarker candidates or do detailed target/biomarker assessment yourselves. This will save you months of painstaking on-line desk research. Enter your contact details and we’ll set up a demo to show you!

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We are hiring! Biological Data Scientist / Research Consultant

Thursday 27 February 2020

Biological Data Scientist / Research Consultant


Would you like to get involved at the forefront of applying AI & big data technology in life sciences research and work with the leading pharma, biotech and research institutions worldwide? If you are a data scientist with a background in molecular biology, quantitative/statistical genetics, or bioinformatics, and have a strong affinity for multi-omics analysis, machine learning and statistics, please read on!


Due to the fast growth of Euretos, we are looking for an experienced data scientist or bioinformatician to join our team. You will be taking a lead role in our contract research projects regarding disease modeling and target & biomarker identification and contribute to internal modeling projects to grow the Euretos AI Platform. Experience in statistical genetics is a pre.




Euretos (www.euretos.com) provides AI driven research support as well as direct access to the Euretos AI Platform to enable in-silico discovery & validation of targets, biomarkers and indications. By integrating over 275 different public databases, the Euretos platform provides the largest single environment in which the latest multi omics data is interlinked to literature, experimental and clinical evidence.


We enable (pre)clinical researchers to take a systems biology approach connecting molecular multi-omics interactions, through cellular involvement, to the level of functional and phenotypic characterisation relevant for a disease or pathology. As part of this effort, Euretos creates computational perturbation models for diseases, making extensive use of AI technologies such as machine learning and natural language processing.


You will be working at our offices at the Utrecht Science Park, Yalelaan 1, Utrecht.


Your Responsibilities


- Conduct research via data analysis with various computational methods (bioinformatics, statistics, machine learning) to understand the molecular drivers of rare and common diseases.


- Act as the main investigator on customer research projects and be responsible for the relevance and scientific quality of the outcome


- Prepare and analyze the required data, from either public or proprietary sources, for customer specific research projects in a timely fashion and of sufficient quality


- Develop and apply statistical models and machine learning methods to expand the analytics capabilities of the Euretos AI platform


- Proactively suggest methodological or functional improvements that may enhance research outcomes in the Euretos AI platform


Your background


- University degree, preferably a PhD, in genetics, bioinformatics, molecular biology or a related field, with a strong background in machine learning and statistics


- Minimum 5 years working experience in life sciences research, pharmacology or drug development and/or a PhD degree


- Expert programmer skills in Python and R


- Strong statistical capabilities and proven experience using statistical analysis packages in R or Python.


- Experience in GWAS analysis, (e)QTL analysis, and multi-omics analysis in the context of rare and complex genetic diseases


- Demonstrable experience in applying statistical models and machine learning approaches for analysis of large-scale biological data sets


- Highly articulate in describing research outcomes so they can be readily interpreted


- Great communicator who builds strong working relations with customers and partners


- Very strong written and verbal English language skills


- Self-propelled – take initiative to bring things forward


- Organized doer with hands-on mentality


- Generalist with attention to detail


Apply Now!


Do you think you are the right person for the job? Then apply now here: https://lnkd.in/g__58ic